MALFNKTION (India) - Hiphop

'MALFNKTION' is the electronic music project of Bangalore based artist 'Aditya Alamuru'. Started in 2014, his music is influenced heavily by Hip-Hop, Bass and Electronica and is known for combining up-beat rhythms with ethnic sounds and samples. The MALFNKTION project derives its sound from old Indian film music and audio recordings collected from cities and remote parts of the country. Mixing the sounds of India with Hip-Hop compositions has allowed Aditya's music to appeal to a wide variety of listeners, both within the country and abroad.
His debut EP ‘Hindustani Rascal’ was an homage to the golden age of Indian cinema and was released in September 2015. It was featured on Apple Music, Buzzfeed, Reddit and Festival Sherpa. He released his second EP ‘Vote for Worms’ in December 2016. It is a continuation of this concept but introduces minimalism, dance and uptempo rhythms. It was written and composed specifically for his live performances.
Over the last year, Aditya has opened for a number of international artists such as UK based Gaudi, Maribou State, Om Unit, Kutmah and California based record label Soulection. He also opened for Nucleya at two of his Sub-Cinema shows in Pune and Mumbai. He has also played alongside Sandunes, Madboy Mink, Don Bhatt + Passenger Revelator. The end of 2017 marked his first performance at NH7, Sunburn and the renowned Boiler Room. He was selected as one of four winners of the Bacardi House Party playlist by AIB and was shortlisted for the Toto music awards.
2019 will present MALFNKTION’s first audio visual live album as well as a number of releases with international labels from France, Ireland and the UK.