SPENCER MAYBE (UK, India, Sweden, Russia) - Blues Rock

Spencer Maybe (45), is a Singer, Composer, Guitarist, Harmonica Player, Artist, and Burlesque performer from London, U.K. He has been composing and playing music for over twenty years and has completed four full studio albums. He worked for about 15 years on and off as a busker on the London Underground, where he was able to hone his musical and performance skills. He was a Burlesque Dancer for 5 years, where he learnt how to engage and entrance an audience. This in turn inspired him to create a one-man Comedy, Burlesque, Mixed Media Rock Opera which was based on his second album. He took this to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in both 2010 and 2011, where he received 4/5 star reviews. For the past few years Spencer has continued to write, perform and sing his music at many venues throughout the UK, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, and Spain.
He has just completed his fourth album Wait And Patience mainly recorded in Goa, India, and mixed in London. He brought together many musicians from all over the world, each bringing their own special talent to the collective, facilitating a unique sound that has an instant familiarity with songs that can make an audience think, dance, and even cry.
The band are on tour promoting the album featuring Award winning Swedish Guitarist Peter Tegner, highly experienced Moscow session Bassist Denis Petukhov, and Mumbai/New York Drummer, and Producer, Bunny Batliwala, putting on a sensational, and explosive live show of all original music.